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My mission is: “To make Words and Colors my mid-life journey.” It was the turn of the century. Clocks were counting in regression. Everyone was talking about Y2K. I wasn’t too concerned because neither of my flights, to and from Puerto Rico, were precisely at mid-night of December 31, 1999. Like many prior Christmas’s, we were going back home to spend the holidays with my parents. We have spent many prior Christmas’s in the Island but this one was different, it was the turn of the century.


There was a sense of concern in the air. Computers were going back to the beginning of the century, hard to imaging since computers were invented in the middle of the century. People were going to lose all their money because the bank’s computers were going to go crazy. Corporations were going lose all their data. Probably the only opportunity I would have had of cleaning up my email. Some people even brought up the topic of Armageddon.


But the feeling went beyond concern. At least for me, it was a feeling of closure, a feeling of milestone, a need to reflect back on the ending of the Twentieth Century. After all I had just spent my entire life, 43 years, in the Twentieth Century and these one hundred years were about to become history. That’s when it hit me; my mid-life crisis.


This is my story, a story of how I converted a mid-life crisis into a mid-life journey of words and colors: a journey of creating meaningful art and public speaking. My underlying message is: don’t wait until you get old to make art part of your life!


As an artist, I find the most satisfaction when I create figurative art. People are the most beautiful and most complex beings in our world. I try to express that beauty with colors and the complexity of our world in the compositions of my works.  My 3D Mixed Media works are composed of found and purchased objects that captivate interest in viewer. Upon a closer look the art work becomes a playground of words, secrets, interactivities, games, provocative messages and more. The works provide for plenty of conversation and engagement.




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